Android icons and Covers:

from the Project Settings button, open the Icons and Covers Tab.


Android Icons and Covers


Insert your images for the specified uses:

Bookshelf Cover
This image will be used as the base to create other iconse set to Icon. If missing a rendering of the first page of the selected workspace will be used.

Android App Icons
These images will appear as App icons on the Home Screen of the device. If set to “Auto” the icon will be generated automatically using the bookshelf cover.

The options are:
– mdpi, 48×48 pixels
– hdpi, 72×72 pixels
– xhdpi, 96×96 pixels
– xxhdpi, 144×144 pixels

Launch Images.
This image appear when the End User launches the App on the device. Please note that your image will be stretched if proportions are not correct. A default PubCoder logo will be generated if you do not set custom image.