Apps User UI and UX:

you can now distribute and sell you ebooks as Apps in the App Stores – Apple Store and Google Play. PubCoder allows you to incorporate your project in an App for both iOS based devices (Apple) and Android-based devices.

The App is an application container of your ebook, in a nutshell. The User Interface is an ebook reader optimized to experience interactivity, multi-rendition and multi-language projects.


The End User will be able to:

browse/swipe between pages
– activate read-aloud
– add and access to bookmarks
– switch between language versions
– view credits of the application

iOS screen Landscape

Nexus landscape


Nexus landscape



In addition,  we have added new experiences that Users do not find in other readers:

– render different layouts for different device properties based on size and orientation
– multi-design for localization
–  add remote content such as multimedia files, maps and widgets


iOS portrait

iOS screen Landscape












Nexus-portraitNexus landscape

iOS Video