Coloring game is a widget in which line art images are inserted into a page to which a reader may add color by touching the screen.

In Pubcoder’s coloring game one can not only color the coloring pages but also draw its own drawings.

At the moment it is not possible to save the artworks.

To insert a coloring game in the page follow these simple steps:

1- Select the Coloring game object in the “Objects” panel and drag it onto the stage.

On the page a place holder will appear that you can manipulate in order to set the position and the dimensions of the game.
2- Double click on the place holder to open the coloring game editor.

On the left panel of the editor insert as many images as you want  to be colored.


When the user draws on the canvas using his finger or the mouse, it actually draws “under” the image. Thus, to get the intended behaviour, you need a transparent image, saved in a format that supports transparency, e.g. PNG. In the image editor you should see a checked background like in the example image that follows.Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 16.21.23

In the central area it is possible to add and delete colors and line sizes by clicking on the + – buttons . 
By editing the general settings in the right column you can set the canvas background, the toolbar background and the border of the widget. It is also possible to choose between a set of 3 different tools to draw.

3- Preview the page to see the widget working.