How to create a new digital publishing project:

Each time you want to create a new project, PubCoder asks you what kind of project you want to create:

  1. Create a Blank Project
  2. Import Adobe InDesign Files
  3. Create a photo book from image files

Create new Project


This page will guide you through the process when you choose to create a Blank new Project.
PubCoder guides you through a three steps wizard:

il primo step del wizard definisce i metadati del progetto

the first step of the wizard


1. Define General Project Info

Fill out the information fields of your project. Then define the default metadata of the project outputs.


These values may be changed at any time while editing the project, by clicking on “Book Settings”


2. Choose Default Workspace


Create New Project PubCoder


Define the properties of the first output format you have in mind for your project. The properties that need to be defined are: the output digital format; the page size (and its alignment), and the book localization.

In the current release there are two format options: ePub 3 and Kindle Format 8 (KF8).


Further on you may define new workspaces, where you can customize the contents as you like.

3. Save Your Project FileThe last step allows you to create the file project and to save it to the selected folder. PubCoder creates a project file in its own proprietary format (named .pubcoder) – a bundle folder of resources portable anywhere on your computer, and from one computer to another.

Tip: to move or transfer to another device or computer a .pubcoder file we suggest to archive the file.

wizard terzo step

When the wizard is completed, the dialog box disappears and you’re ready to start working.