How to export an iOS App:

1-   Make sure all requirements are met, see the iOS Apps Requirements section.

2-  Create and layout your workspace (or multiple workspaces) you want to include in your App, see the Create an App in PubCoder

3- Define the User Interface of your App, see the Apps User UI and UX sections.

4- Fill the required fields in General Settings, in General Tab.


iOS General Settings

The required fields are:

– Title: the Title of your App as your User will view it on his/her device
– Supported devices: define if this is an iPad application only, an iPhone application only or a Universal App (both). This will have to coincide with the one you will indicate on the iTunes Connect website when submitting to the App Store.
– App Identifier: the Bundle ID of your App, see iOS HowTos: How to Create an App Identifier section.
– App Version Number: the version number of the application, this will have to coincide with the one you will indicate in the iTunes Connect website when submitting to the App Store
– Code Signing Identity (Distribution): select the Identity Certificate that will be used to sign the App. To generate one, see the iOS HowTos: How to Create a Code Signing Identity section.
– Provisioning Profile (App Store Distribution): select or upload the Provisioning Profile of your App for the App Store Distribution. To generate one, see the iOS HowTos: How to Create a Provisioning Profile section.

In the case you intend to update an existing iOS App you’ll have to edit App Version String only, all other values shall not be modified.


5- Prepare the Icons and Covers of your App, see the iOS Icons and Covers section.

6- Select the workspace or workspaces you intend to include in your package. If you intend to include only the current workspace skip to next step. If you want to include other Pack your multi-format and multi-localized App section.

7- Press Publish to generate an .ipa package file of your App ready for distribution.


Publish App Store Distribution


8- Save your .ipa package file on your Finder and submit to App Store, see the iOS Apps HowTos: Submit to Apple Store section.