This utility enables you to

  • see which names will be declared as “font-family” in the CSS, eventually revising their names
  • embed the relevant fonts, if necessary.

You can launch the utility either during the import from InDesign wizard or through the buttons “Code> Project CSS/Page CSS”.

Schermata 2014-02-20 alle 16.01.27

  • the left one, with the title “Original Font Family” displays how the font families used in the layout are originally named
  • the right one, with the title “Replace Font Family” displays how those fonts will be named in the CS

Depending on which you suppose to be the cause of the  font display problems, a missing font file or a misspelled font name, you can decide to embed all the listed fonts or dimply revise the font name in the CSS. To do so you just have to click on each line of the “Replacement Font Family” column and choose from the appearing list:

  • “Add embedded fonts”, which allows you to pick up the file you want to embed from the Fonts folder
  • “Custom CSS Definition” which allows you to substitute that font name in the CSS

The “Add Embedded fonts…”  button on the right gives you the possibility to get directly to the Fonts folder and proceed to embed all the necessary fonts. After this operation each time you click on a line of the table you’ll see all the correct  font names appearing in the menu and you’ll be able to make the correct associations.