Quote from Apple’s official documentation: “Provisioning is the process of preparing and configuring an app to launch on devices and use app services. During development, you choose which devices can run your iOS app and which app services your iOS or Mac app can access. A provisioning profile is downloaded from Member Center and embedded in the app bundle, and the entire bundle is code signed. The embedded provisioning profile is installed on the iOS (…) system before the app is launched.”

The following guide will show you how to create a Provisioning Profile for both an Ad Hoc Distribution, to share the Application on one or more devices (mainly for testing purposes) and an App Store Distribution, to sell your Application through the App Store. To generate a Provisioning Profile you need to have an Apple Developer account and be a member of the iOS Developer Program.


1-   Log in Apple Developer Center, then click “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”.




2- Click “Provisioning Profile” under iOS Apps


Member Developer Provisioning



3- Click on the “+” sign near the top right corner to add a new Provisioning Profile.


member Development Provisioning Add



4-  To share the application (usually for testing) select the “Ad Hoc” option and press on the Continue Button


Member Developer Provisioning Ad hoc



5-  Select the App ID to associate the Provisioning Profile, then press Continue


Select App ID



6-  Select the certificate that will be used to sign the Application. Then press Continue


Provisioning Profile Add Certificate



7-  Select the devices to include in the Provisioning Profile. To add new devices, select “Devices” from the left menu and follow instructions.


Provisioning Profile Devices


8- Enter the Profile’s name, this is useful for future identification. Then press Generate


Provisioning Ad hoc Name



9- Download the generated Provisioning Profile on your computer. To install it on any device, plug your device (or devices) and double click on it, this will be automatically included.


Provisioning Ad Hoc Download


10- To distribute your application in the App Store select the “App Store” option and press on the Continue Button


Provisioning App Store

11- Go through steps 6, 8 and 9. To insert in PubCoder the Ad Hoc and App Store Provisioning Profile, go to Project Settings, under Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles include the two downloaded files

PubCoder Provisioning Ad hoc PubCoder Provisioning App Store