Above the page, PubCoder automatically sets up the “Level Overlay”.

The Level Overlay is a level shared by several pages where you can lay out any kind of object or action: not only images, but also animations, texts, sounds etc. To place the objects on the Level Overlay, click on the Overlay button and work on the stage.

It is possible to modify the Level Overlay, by clicking on the button that represents it. When two vertical lines appear at opposite ends of the button, the level is editable and you can lay out objects inside of it.

It is possible to specify different overlays for different groups of pages. By dragging one of the angles of the button, you define the group of pages in which the overlay will be active and, at the same time, you create a new and empty overlay that groups the remaining pages.

Each overlay will be only visible in the pages comprised in the span of that overlay button.