To include multiple workspaces within a single App, open General Settings, click on Package tab.


Package Ios

Select Include Multiple Workspaces, the three windows beneath will activate. Here you decide which formats, orientations and localizations you want to bundle in your App.

In the Format window you will see the list of iOS or Android formats found in all workspaces. Select the ones you want to include in your app, and for each option assign to which kind of device you want to view the selected format (smartphone, tablet or both).

In the Orientations window you can also assign to which device the desired orientation can be viewed. For instance, you may want to include only Portrait when the App is viewed on a Smartphone and both on a Tablet. Please note that if in the General tab you selected Facing Pages in Landscape the Landscape option will be not permitted.

In the Localizations window select the languages you want to include in the App. The App will be launched in the localization set by the End User on his device, if available among those listed. Use the star button to select your preferred one in case the End User’s device language is not listed here.

Please note: the Packaging configuration options are valid only withing the current workspace you are working on. If you switch to another workspace and attempt to preview or publish the Settings for that workspace will be used.


Package Android