When you click on the Publish button, two possibilities will appear:

  • Publish Entire Book
  • Publish a Sample book

When you select “Publish a Sample Book”, the dialogue window will display a list of the pages that make up the book from which you can select  the ones that you wish to be included in the sample.

Two buttons at the bottom of the list allow you to select or deselect the entire list.

publish sample

Going a step forward with the “Publish” button, PubCoder will start to assemble the publishing file and will proceed to verify its validity based on the format declared in the workspace panel.

In the event that errors or anomalies emerge, a “Publish Issues” window will appear.  In it, pre-empted by a yellow or a red icon, it will list the book’s features that do not satisfy the requirements established by the store in which the books should be sold.

publish errors

The yellow icons represent the warnings: these are the features that are not in accordance with the requirements but do not prevent publication.

The red icons represent the errors: these are the features that, if not resolved, will prevent the book from being published because they will lead to its rejection from the destination store.

At the bottom of the window there are 3 buttons:

  • When you click on “Review Errors” you will obtain a window with a list of the issues that you can keep open while you edit the project in order to solve the errors.
  • When you click on “Cancel” the window will be closed.
  • When you click on “Continue Anyway” PubCoder will proceed to ask where to save the file without rectifying the errors.This option can be useful when the produced file is not intended to be published on a store. Otherwise, when you will try to submit the file to the store, it will be rejected and the publication will fail.