Trough the Quiz widget it is possible to insert single and multiple answers quizzes, either composed by single or multiple questions.
At the end of the quiz it is possible to check the answers and quantify the obtained results.


To insert a quiz in the page follow these simple steps:

1- Select the Quiz object in the “Objects” panel and drag it onto the stage.

On the page a placeholder will appear, you can handle it in order to set position and size of the quiz.



2- Double click on the place holder to open the quiz editor.












To insert new answers click on the + button in the “Questions” column. Multiple questions will produce a paginated quiz.
To insert the answers just select the question in the “Questions” column and then click on the + button in the “ Answers” column. To define ore or more answers as correct flag them by clicking on the small square at their left.
In the “Quiz settings” column you can modify the visual of the quiz defining the colors, labels and images you want to use.

Both questions and answers can be dragged in order to change their position using the corresponding triple-line icon.