The working environment tutorial:

The working environment of PubCoder can be divided in four main areas. Select the image of your interest:

butt_objectsThe objects in the Object Panel help the positioning of complex and simple elements on the stage. You can use them to insert video, animations, gesture recognizers or even simple images, texts or rectangles. butt_assetsThe Assets Panel allows you to create a library of  elements you can use in the lay out. butt_layersFor each object dragged onto the stage, a layer in the Layers Panel will be created.    
butt_previewWith the Preview button it is possible to visualize the whole project, a single page, in a browser, in iBooks or on a device. butt_publish The Publish button checks the validity if the project and creates the publishing package for the requested format. butt_workspaces Through the Workspaces panel it is possible to create additional versions with a different combinations of format, dimesions and localization for the project. butt_project_settings The Project Settings panel allows you to modify the general settings regarding your project: meta tags, cover, custom css and js.


By clicking on the button “Read Aloud” on the toolbar a wizard will guide you through the necessary steps to tag text and audio files.

butt_inspectorFrom the Inspector Panel it is possible to modify all the main attributes of an object: dimensions, position, opacity, visibility, etc.

butt_actions From the Actions Panel it is possible to make any object interactive combining events and actions.

In this area of the working environment, the title of the visualized panel appears.
tasti_multiforma_kf8 These buttons let you manage Multiformat and Multilanguage projects by controlling the visualization for a specific device, orientation or localization. tasti_multiforma_non default When the visualization isn’t the default, the background of the menu becomes blu striped.
menu_inspectorThis menu lets you select the different properties of the page, of the object, of the event. menu eventsThe Events menu only appears when an object is selected.

fascia mediana
This area will show the panels related to the above icons: Objects, Assets, Layers.
The stage is where you layout your assets.
In this  area you can modify the specific properties of each element.

fascia bassa
In the lower part of the screen, dragging the thumbnails, it is possible to modify the sequence of the pages. Selecting a page from this index will let you modify it by working on the stage.
By clicking on the Overlay button you will access a layer shared by several pages where you can lay out any kind of object or action. By dragging one of the angles of the button, you define the group of pages in which the overlay will be active and, at the same time, you create a new and empty overlay that groups the remaining pages. Each overlay will be only visible in the pages comprised in the span of that overlay button.