Displays an area with two or more images that the user can view by swiping from one to another.

Double-click an Image Gallery on stage to display the editor, which allows you to insert images (use the + and - buttons to add/remove image assets), reorder them by dragging the rows in the list, and define image captions.

Use the properties in the selection inspector to tune the appearance options such as navigation arrows, image thumbnails, fullscreen ability.

Image Gallery


Image Gallery supports most of the Generic Object Properties, plus the ones listed below. To edit properties of an Image Gallery, select it and use the selection inspector at the right of your project window.

Navigation Arrows Enable to display navigation arrows at the left/right edges, end user can click/tap them to move between the various slides
Show Thumbnails Enable to display a button to show/hide a bottom panel containing thumbnails for the various images
Allow Fullscreen Enable to display a fullscreen button which the end user can use to go in fullscreen mode
Overlays Color Define the background color of the top and bottom toolbars which respectively display title and buttons (top), captions and thumbnails (bottom)
Title Optional title of the gallery. If defined, will be displayed on top of the images
Title ▹ Font Font for the image gallery title
Title ▹ Size Font size of the image gallery title
Title ▹ Color The color of the label containg image gallery title
Show Captions Enable to display the captions defined for the various images on the bottom of the gallery
Captions ▹ Font Font for the captions
Captions ▹ Size Font size of the captions
Captions ▹ Color The color of the captions
Control Icons Section containing properties for the various icons of the controls of the image gallery, which can be replaced with any image asset


Image Gallery triggers all Widget Events. To edit event handlers for an Image Gallery, select it and use the Interactivity Panel on the right side of the project window.


Image Gallery object can be used as target of most Generic Actions.