In PubCoder, Widgets are advanced objects with a built-in behavior: they can react to the user touches and gestures without the need to define any specific actions; for example you can use a Quiz to place a questionnaire on your page and let the user answer to questions and check responses, without configuring any actions.


Generic Properties

Widgets provide all generic properties provided by layout objects. Each widget also provides some specific properties, see the various help pages for more informations. To edit properties of a widget object, select it and use the selection inspector at the right of your project window.


Widgets share less events than layout objects, since all touch/mouse interactivity is handled automatically, but some of them trigger specific events to react to specific behaviors, e.g. the Quiz triggers events that allow to perform some actions when the user completes the quiz. See the various help pages for each widget for more informations.

Anyway, some Generic Events are shared between every widget: Accelerometer, Appear, Load, Shake, Read Aloud Started, Read Aloud Stopped, Scroll Page, Show


Widgets can be used as target of most Generic Actions, but some of them also provide specific actions, see the various help pages for each widget for more informations.