What is Shelf?

SHELF is PubCoder’s SaaS to create your branded library platform, allowing your customers to buy, download and enjoy your digital content through a native app for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or on the web. More information is available on the official Shelf website.

Supported formats and tools

SHELF directly supports XPUB files exported by PubCoder, but it also supports other digital formats. While some files, like PDFs or EPUBs, can be directly uploaded to the SHELF CMS, some require to be packaged using tools that we provide.

The following is a summary of the formats supported by Shelf at the moment, together with the software eventually required to package it:

Format Tool
XPUB Native support of XPUB files created with PubCoder
Reflowable EPUBs Native support
PDF Native support
Video Use PubPacker
HTML5 Use PubPacker
Web Embeds Use PubPacker
Audiobooks Use PubMedia