Defines an area that can react to events. Useful when you want to define an interactive area that does not cover exactly one object, but more of them, or a portion of them, or when you want to define areas on the page that are not visible, e.g. drop zones for a Drag Object action.


Interactive Area supports all Generic Controller Properties, plus the ones listed below. To edit properties of an Interactive Area, select it and use the selection inspector at the right of your project window.

Width The width of the area, in pixels
Height The height of the area, in pixels
Rotation The rotation angle of the area, in degrees, from -180° (counter-clockwise) to 180° (clockwise)
Hidden If enabled, the object will be initially hidden, thus will not respond to touch/mouse events (can be shown later using the Show Object action)
Always Catch Events If enabled, this object will always catch touches and clicks on it, blocking any behaviors and events that would come from forwarding the touch/click event to other objects below it
CSS Classes List of CSS classes to apply to the container, divided by space or comma
CSS Styles CSS inline styles, will be applied to the style attribute of the container


Interactive Area triggers all Generic Events. To edit event handlers for an Interactive Area, select it and use the Interactivity Panel on the right side of the project window.


Interactive Area can be used as target of most Generic Actions