Learn about the upcoming release of PubCoder 5 and download the beta

Download the Beta

Download the beta of PubCoder 5 for Mac or Windows

What’s new in PubCoder 5

Vertical Scrolling and Interactivity improvements

  • Added events Scroll Page and Scroll Object
  • Added events Appear and Disappear which are triggered when object becomes visible or invisible on stage, for example after a page scroll or during a move object action
  • Added action Move Object while Scrolling
  • Added action Scale Object while Scrolling
  • Added action Rotate Object while Scrolling
  • Added action Set Object Opacity while Scrolling
  • Added Action Show Objects with Class
  • Added Action Hide Objects with Class
  • Added action Set Object Opacity
  • Added Smart image rendering format option, chooses between PNG or JPEG basing on alpha channel, making your exports lighter
  • Improved Object Shadows

New and improved Widgets

  • Added widget Match word with picture
  • Added widget Fill in the Gaps
  • Added widget True/False
  • Added widget Crossword (not supported on EPUB)
  • Coloring game Improvements:
    • added undo/redo
    • added option to place the toolbar at the top of the control instead of the standard bottom display
    • added customizable confirmation message when clicking the trash icon to clear drawing
    • moved autosave from LocalStorage to IndexedDB
    • various other fixes and improvements

PubCoder for Windows

  • Added support for HiDPI on Windows
  • Added support for Dark Mode on Windows
  • Quick Preview now uses WebView2

Other Improvements

  • Improved export speed by up to 40%
  • Updated EPUB3 validation to EPUBCheck 5.1.0
  • Example Projects are not included in the application package but are downloaded on-demand instead. This results in fastest download and install for the application and also allows us to fix and add examples in a quicker way.
  • Added Find in Project functionality
  • Added support for Thorium Reader as a EPUB3 export destination
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge, Safari Technology Preview, Duck Duck Go, Brave and Vivaldi as HTML5 export destination
  • XPUB Output: Shelf DRM is now applied to all files
  • Lots of UI tweaks and improvements, extended Retina/HiDPI displays support and several bug fixes