PubCoder allows to add a soundtrack to your whole project or selected pages, which will play automatically and continuously while the end user navigates your publication.

Soundtracks are great for background music or ambient sound effects such as rainfall. When turning to a page using the same soundtrack, its playback continues without interruptions.

You can easily assign an audio track to your entire publication by simply assigning an audio asset to the property Soundtrack Audio File in the Project Inspector. You can even select the initial soundtrack volume when exporting to XPUB format.

To assign a soundtrack to a group of pages, select them in the page selector - remember you can select multiple pages by pressing the , ctrl or shift key while clicking their thumbnails - then turn ON option Enable Soundtrack in the Page Inspector and assign an audio asset to the property Soundtrack Audio File.

Note that the actual soundtrack playback is performed by the reader app, including its volume which is subject to the end user preferences.