PubCoder for macOS

Cannot export KF8 from macOS 10.15 Catalina

PubCoder uses Amazon’s kindlegen tool to generate Kindle KF8 files. Currently the latest version of kindlegen is 32-bit only and then it is not supported on macOS 10.15 Catalina. We do not currently have a solution for this. To export KF8 files with PubCoder, use a previous release of macOS or the Windows version.

PubCoder for Windows

Video and audio not playing

PubCoder requires Windows Media Player for audio/video playback. Please check that Windows Media Player is installed correctly on your PC or download it.

Font displayed correctly in PubCoder’s stage but not in preview

Currently PubCoder preview is based on Internet Explorer engine on Windows, and this may cause some issues with fonts. If a font is displayed correctly on the stage but not when previewing a project inside PubCoder, read this article for a possible work around.

Touch input does not work correctly in PubCoder for Windows

PubCoder for Windows requires mouse input to work. Input from touch displays is not supported.

Problems launching Quick Preview in Google Chrome

There’s known issue on Windows preventing Quick Preview in Google Chrome from working correctly when project name contains special characters. Please remove any special character from the project name and try again

PubCoder asks to login when using Windows Airplane Mode

Launching the software with airplane mode on Windows can invalidate license info and require a login. Please note that you can actually use the software offline, e.g. without a valid Wi-Fi or cable connection, but you need to disable airplane mode

Network issues

For network and connection issues on Windows, take a look at this specific article

Exports / iOS

Codesign certificate is correctly installed and visible in Keychain, but it does not appear in PubCoder project settings

PubCoder requires your codesign certificate to be created using iOS Distribution (App Store and Ad Hoc) option on website. Certificates created using the newer Apple Distribution option are not compatible with PubCoder.

Provisioning Profile is corectly installed but it does not appear in PubCoder project settings

PubCoder requires that your App ID Prefix matches your Team ID on Most of the time, that is your only choice but for older developer accounts or specific configuration, you may be able to select from multiple App ID prefixes when you create yoir App Identifier, just be sure to select the one labeled with Team ID.

Accelerometer and Shake events not working on iOS 12.2 and later

Accelerometer and Shake events may not work correctly on iOS 12.2 and later, due to Apple now limiting devicemotion event usage.

Exports / Android

Read aloud and soundtrack not working when previewing an Android App

There’s a known issue that prevents read aloud and soundtrack from working when exporting Android App on Wi-Fi, USB or Ad Hoc distribution. Please note that both read aloud and soundtrack will work correctly when exporting the app for Google Play. To test read aloud and soundtrack, please use XPUB format with PubReader instead.

Pan and zoom widget not working on Android

There’s a known issue that prevents Pan and zoom widget from working correctly on some Android devices.

PubReader for Android

Download does not progress when sending an XPUB from PubCoder to PubReader via WiFi

It may happen that download does not start or progress when sending an XPUB from PubCoder to PubReader via WiFi. Luckily there’s a very easy solution for this: just restart your Android device.